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Computer technology has helped us to be productive and store our important information. With the introduction of the world wide web,Guest Posting people can now stay connected to their loved ones and carry our work easily.

With the increasing number of people using the internet, it has attracted a lot of threats. Threats that can infiltrate our computer system without our knowledge. One such threat is the computer worm, which we will discuss in brief to know how it can be prevented.

Why Are Computer Worms Dangerous?

Before we jump into the dangers of a computer worm, let’s know a little about it. Computer worms are a type of malware stealtech that can quickly infect many computers on a single network. It can copy itself from one system to another rapidly.

Initially, Worms were executed through emails, Melissa worm, Sobig, and MyDoom; all were spread in the form of email attachments. The worms were installed in the email attachments; they spread themselves when the user opens them.

MyDoom worm spread itself through a file-sharing program; in the end, it shows their capability of rapid spread, which is dangerous. Another deadly feature of a computer worm is the ability to delete and modify files.

When the worms inject themselves into the computer system, they can modify, delete files and install extra malicious software. Every computer worm’s intention is different, some may copy itself, and others eat up the system resources.

Additionally, they can also install a backdoor, steal data, and give hackers the ability to control a computer’s system and settings.

Are Worms and Viruses Same?

No, computer worms and viruses are not the same, but their purpose to disrupt an individual’s computer system. Viruses are designed to damage the victim’s computer by corrupting or destroying the system’s data

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